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Is Mead Really Good for You?

If you’ve just jumped in the honey bandwagon, you might have heard about mead. Mead or “honey wine” is an...

What To Expect In Your Beehive During Spring

If you would like to start beekeeping, spring is the best time to do so! The beehive becomes the busiest...

Beekeeping Chat with Dwayne and Peter Barr

Last 23rd of June, we had the pleasure to have a beekeeping chat with Peter Barr. He is the host...

Global Brands Supports Urban Beekeeping

The rise of urban beekeeping has called the attention of many global brands, including IKEA. The global movement “Save the...

The Different Job Titles of a Worker Bee

During a worker bees’ lifetime in the hive, they are appointed to different job titles based on their age. Just...

The Role of the Drone

When you are a new beekeeper, it’s a bit confusing what type of bees are there at first, especially differentiating...

Swarming vs. Absconding: What Do We Need to Know?

What's the difference between swarming and absconding? Anyone who lost a hive for the first time has this question on...

Nosemosis: What To Look Out For

Nosemosis, also known as Nosema, is a common bee disease mainly caused by a parasite Nosema ceranae and Nosema apis....

Keeping Up With Australia’s Beekeeping Industry

There is recent emergence of young and amateur beekeepers across Australia. In example, did you know that there is a...

Bee2Bee Beekeeping Supplies Green Statement

We're here for bees and our natural environment. Here at Bee2Bee, we take our social and green stewardship seriously. It...
Honey Bee Industry Council RFA logging

Update: Regional Forrest Agreement Rolled Over in WA, Honey Bee Industry Council Releases Statement Backing Agreements

As WA environmentalists are reeling over the rollover of the state's Regional Forrest Agreement, the Honey Bee Industry Council backs...
jarrah marri forest logging

Logging of Jarrah, Marri forests continues as Environmentalists fight WA RFA

The continued logging of natives like Jarrah and Marri in WA has environmentalists alarmed. And the trend could mean lost...
beehive removed from Perth Mint

Perth Mint Calls in a Beekeeper to Rescue Resident Beehive

After a decade long residence in a chimney at heritage listed The Perth Mint, a beehive has been re-homed by...
After the Great Australian Bee Challenge Stu Jade

After The Great Australian Bee Challenge

Stuart "Stu" Saxby reflects on the lessons he learned as a beginner beekeeper on The Great Australian Bee Challenge. Recently...
beehives AI hive network The Bee Project and Oracle technology

AI (Artificial Intelligence) Enabled Hive Network To Help Save the Bees

The World Bee Project has partnered with technology giant Oracle to gather data from a "smart hive" network. Last month...
honey testing australian honey pure

Are honey testing methods reliable enough to prove adulteration?

The ABC reports that the ACCC found honey testing methods not reliable enough to prove adulteration. It's been a couple...
bees beehives image

Who is poisoning bees in the Northern Territory?

About 1 million bees dead in NT after suspected deliberate poisoning incident, according to the ABC. You've really got to...
bee swarm removal bee2bee beekeeping supplies November 2018

Bee Swarm location and friendly removal

Getting  a call out  before the nasty spray came out  from a resident gardener. The location was a busy car...

Orders completed for custom Beehive boxes

Specialised request for purpose built boxes has just been completed for specialised bee hives. 3 coats of paint with purpose...

Boxes and frames never enough :)

We all know that some of the consumables in beekeeping and Bee hive Consumables, can catch us out. Quite often...