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Flowering Plants to Add to your Garden this Winter

By Beatriz | March 30, 2020

Winter is that season where we all layer up and flowering plants are uncommon. However, you can change that! There are flowering plants that can endure the cool temperatures of winter. This can help your bees survive through winter. Winter means less foraging for bees, that’s why providing them pollen and nectar flow by adding…

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Autumn Management: Worker Bees Kicking Out the Drones

By Beatriz | March 27, 2020

For a beginner, seeing a lot of evicted or even dead bees outside the hives is startling. We’re here to tell you that this is completely unusual, especially for this season! So why do the worker bees kick out the drones?  First of all, you must understand the role of the drones in the life…

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Autumn Management: What to do with Burr Comb

By Beatriz | March 17, 2020

While cleaning out the burr comb is not only for autumn management, it’s actually a regular to-do list for every beekeeper. If you’re a beginner, you may be wondering, what the hell is a burr comb?  In this blog, we’ll highlight what it is and how to clean them out of your hives.  What is it? …

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Autumn Management: The When, Why and How of Feeding Pollen Supplements

By Beatriz | March 9, 2020

It may not be too obvious but feeding sugar syrup or pollen have each of their purposes. Usually, bees are fed sugar syrup when there is a nectar dearth. Sugar syrup is used to mimic nectar; however, it will not have a similar nutritional quality. When to Feed Pollen? There is indeed a thing called…

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Autumn Management: Feeding Your Bees with Sugar Syrup

By Beatriz | March 3, 2020

Colder months are upon us. Feeding your bees during autumn may not always be necessary, but if you find:  Harvested too much honey Lack of honey stores for bees due to weak nectar flow Signs of weakness or early diagnosis of diseases If you have one or more of these signs and have decided to…

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Autumn Management: Downsizing the Beehive

By Beatriz | February 25, 2020

Autumn is almost here and it is time to make some changes. Before harvesting any honey this time of the season, make sure that you: Understand the nectar and pollen supply in your area Know the strength of your colony Aware of your queen’s performance The aim of autumn management is to ensure that your…

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