Global Brands Supports Urban Beekeeping

The rise of urban beekeeping has called the attention of many global brands, including IKEA. The global movement “Save the Bees” has definitely sparked a conversation on the importance of bees and pollination. 

With that said, urban beekeeping became a trend in Australia amongst the young generations. As such, IKEA in Australia joined in the movement, where Sydney and Canberra stores offered beehive structures. It’s important to mention though, that it is not for honey bees, but more on Australian native bees. 

Currently, IKEA Tempe has built two bee hotels in the store carpark that houses the Sugarbag bee, a species native in Sydney. The company also allows its customers to visit the hotels and educate the general public, such as the visiting school groups. Amazing!

Is the initiative motivated by profitability? 

IKEA Australia is part of the global initiative by the company to rollout “bee hotels” across its stores. The company sees no relativity with the initiative and sales, as it focuses more on influencing its audience towards sustainability. You would imagine it will be the same concept as to how most of their products are well priced. 

Since then, more companies have jumped on the bandwagon. AMP Capital is another company that hosts beehives in its head office in Sydney. Sydney beekeeping companies, such as Bee One Third, offer a rather unique service. An enterprise or commercial estate can simply contact the business if they would like to host a beehive!

The Rise in Urban Beekeeping

This has certainly been a trend since 2019, and after the mega bushfires, many Australians have joined the movement. Many people have seen the deaths of wildlife, such as kangaroos, koalas, cattle and native bees. It’s also nice to see when the state government, such as ACT, encourages its residents to be bee-friendly by influencing them to stop the use of pesticides, herbicides and leaving dandelions to grow instead of weeding them. 

What’s Next

Although many have supported this movement, there is a long way to go. Many beekeepers have fallen victim to the recent drought and bushfires and have lost many many beehives. The loss has affected major industries, specifically crop industries, where they pay for pollination services for their crops. Additionally, since it’s winter, bee activity has reduced due to cooler climates which won’t return until spring. 

A lot of our supplies have been the fruit of these small creatures. This includes the wood we use, the fruits and vegetables that we eat and so on. We rely on our environment more than we realise. However, recognising that is the first step of the process. If we all put the effort into sustaining and nurturing our ecosystem by starting small, such as planting flowers in our backyard, our future wouldn’t seem as blurred as we think. 

Read about IKEA Au’s initiative here:

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