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Varroa Mite Honey Bee Fat Body

How to manage Varroa

Where to get the best information on the identification and management of Varroa mite The situation is fast evolving and...

What is Bee Bread you ask?

EXPLORING THE NUTRITIONAL ALCHEMY OF BEE BREAD Ever curious about bee bread? Though the name might suggest a connection to...
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How to Help The Bees During a Storm

Australia is currently experiencing a summer storm. These weather conditions definitely helped relieve certain emergencies such as the many bushfires...
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6 Tips on How to Avoid the Small Hive Beetle

The Small Hive Beetle (SHB) is a small dark-coloured beetle that infests many colonies around the world. Native to Sub-Saharan...
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The Truth About Washboarding

We’re yet to find out the real reason why bees do the behaviour called “washboarding”. This activity is when a...
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3 Easy Steps on Feeding the Bees with Feedbee

The cat is finally out of the bag - we’re now an official stockist of Feedbee in Australia! One of...
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Honey Business: Legal Obligations in Selling Honey

Beekeeping is a great hobby. If you own a beehive, selling the honey surplus is a great way to make...
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Requirements on Honey Labels

So you’re thinking of starting your honey business?  Since there are a lot of new beekeepers this season, the legalities...
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Summer Management: Honey Surplus

During summer, strong colonies with access to a good nectar flow can produce a surplus of the bees precious liquid...

Summer Management: Transporting Beehives

Transporting beehives is a common practice in the beekeeping world. Nectar flows occur during spring and summer, however, having it...

Summer Beekeeping: Protecting the Beehive From the Australian Summer

Even the Australian summer is too hot for the bees. If you think 40 degree Celsius is too hot, just...
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What is Bearding?

During the beginning of spring and summer, plenty of beginner beekeepers ask about the behaviour where bees cluster right outside...

4 Easy Steps in Installing Your New Queen Bee

Either you chose to raise your new queen bee or purchase one from a breeder, installing a new queen to...

How Do I Know if I Have A Queenless Beehive?

A queenless beehive is trouble for beekeepers. Especially, it’s a bit difficult to see whether the beehive is queenless, unless...
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When Do you Requeen a Beehive?

Alas, your highness doesn’t always last very long and you may have to requeen at some point. The queen bee,...

When is it Time to Add a Brood Box?

Brood box? Super? These are some of the basic terms in beekeeping that you need to know. For beginners, acquiring...

Do Native Stingless Bees Swarm?

Does the swarm season apply to all bees? Much like the European honey bees, native stingless bees swarm for a...

‘Tanging’ Bees: What is That?

As I was scrolling through a beekeeper Facebook group, I came across a person who talked about ‘tanging’ bees. I...
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Is Mead Really Good for You?

If you’ve just jumped in the honey bandwagon, you might have heard about mead. Mead or “honey wine” is an...

How Does a Swarm Lure Work?

Our beginning of spring here in Perth wasn’t actually your typical spring. It was rainy and gloomy, unlike anybody else’s...