AI (Artificial Intelligence) Enabled Hive Network To Help Save the Bees

The World Bee Project has partnered with technology giant Oracle to gather data from a “smart hive” network.

Last month Channel Ten’s The Project turned its wry reporting style onto a novel beekeeping partnership. The World Bee Project and business technology giants Oracle are together building a worldwide network of AI enabled “smart hives.” This network will gather data that could go a long way to solving the mystery of bee declines around the world.
The World Bee Project Hive Network blends sensor systems, machine learning, data analysis, and technology with research. The collected data will build a knowledge base to gain crucial insights into the relationships between honeybees and their environments.
John Abel, vice-president of cloud and technology at Oracle, told the BBC that “Sound is probably the most important data set. We convert it into a data feed and use this via machine learning to inform the beekeeper. And with Oracle Cloud we can get lots of data into it very quickly – we’ve got technology which is self-learning, self-tuning and self-patching, so it can automate what it needs to do.”
The World Bee Project’s website explains that the “pioneering partnership” will  “analyse rates of bee declines in different regions of the world and the varying reasons… The knowledge and insights gained will contribute to improving livelihoods for the 1.5 billion people in smallholder farmer households, and inspire  invaluable local and global actions to create more sustainable ecosystems and improve food security and nutrition.”
No need to worry about AI taking over the world then, sounds like it’s too busy saving the bees! Be sure to spend some time on The World Bee Project’s website and check out their other projects. These include Project Farms and Project Gardens and Communities, plus an Education Program for schools
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