Perth Mint Calls in a Beekeeper to Rescue Resident Beehive

After a decade long residence in a chimney at heritage listed The Perth Mint, a beehive has been re-homed by a local beekeeper.

Community News reported this morning that after ten years in a chimney of The Perth Mint, a resident beehive has been re-homed thanks to a conscientious staff member.

After becoming aware of the hive, Perth Mint project manager Kenny Chan decided to have the bees re-homed rather than have them exterminated.

With bee numbers declining the world over, we are glad to see a prominent organisation like The Perth Mint take this approach. All too often businesses call in pest control instead of a beekeeper who would happily give the bees a new home.

After receiving the call, Applecross beekeper Carl Maxwell was able to remove the 2 metre deep hive. The plan is to transport the bees to the Perth Hills where they can help pollinate native orchids.

Read the full report online at Community News.

beehive removed from Perth Mint

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