Is Mead Really Good for You?

If you’ve just jumped in the honey bandwagon, you might have heard about mead. Mead or “honey wine” is an alcoholic beverage derived from fermenting honey. It has been around for over 4,000 years and is consumed in Asian, European and African countries. 

Mead is known for its benefits and its taste. Its alcohol content ranges from 5% to 20%, much like your regular red or white wine. Depending on your alcohol tolerance, you may get drunk on honey! Read more to find out!

The Supposed Benefits of Mead

We’ve always known honey for its medicinal properties. It is known as the best immune booster due to its anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties. According to research, honey has been used to cure illnesses in ancient medicine. Meanwhile, in modern times, honey is commonly used to treat skin wounds and infections or to soothe a cough or sore throat. 

Generally, mead is known for its probiotic content. Probiotics are good bacteria that can have a positive effect on your immune system and digestive health. Research indicates that these bacteria can help prevent and treat chronic illnesses such as heart disease, cancer, allergies and gastrointestinal illnesses. 

Interestingly, no research indicates that mead possesses the same medicinal properties as honey. At this stage, it remains a mystery if fermented honey has the same health benefits as raw honey. 

Additionally, the alcohol content of mead may be counteracting its benefits, as excessive alcohol intake is associated with negative effects in your gut bacteria. 

You should still try it

We’ve learned that mead is an alcoholic beverage derived from fermented honey. It is known for its possible health benefits due to its origin, however it was not backed up by research and evidence. 

Even if its benefits are not proven by science, it shouldn’t hinder you from trying it. As with any alcoholic beverages, consume it in moderation and drink responsibly. 

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