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What is Bee Bread you ask?

EXPLORING THE NUTRITIONAL ALCHEMY OF BEE BREAD Ever curious about bee bread? Though the name might suggest a connection to...
Varroa Mite Honey Bee Fat Body

How to manage Varroa

Where to get the best information on the identification and management of Varroa mite The situation is fast evolving and...

Why Australia Needs to Get Rid of Glyphosate

Recent reports has shown that NZ Manuka honey is contaminated with glyphosate. That means anyone that consumed NZ's Manuka honey...

Which Type of Beehive is the One For You?

Did you know that there are three different types of beehive used around the world? If you are having trouble...

Traditional Beekeeping and Honey

Traditional beekeeping has been a practice for years. The native land owners have been harvesting honey from the bush over...

Winter Management: Learning About Colony Collapse Disorder (CCD)

There is another threat to the bee populations that we do not know much about. Many countries have shown efforts...

Winter Management: Causes of Winter Failure

Winter for beekeepers is one of the most crucial seasons, it's either you make it or break it for the...

Native Flowering Plants to Attract Australian Native Bees

Now that you’ve built a bee hotel, it’s time to think about the native bees’ source of food and attracting...

Hosting an AirBeeNBee: Bee Hotel Guide

Winter season is upon us. The cold front, chilly breeze and wetter days are coming. There will be less foraging...

Flowering Plants to Add to your Garden this Winter

Winter is that season where we all layer up and flowering plants are uncommon. However, you can change that! There...

Who are the Australian Native Bees?

How much do we really know about our very own native bees? There are at least 1,700 species of Australian...
beehive removed from Perth Mint

Perth Mint Calls in a Beekeeper to Rescue Resident Beehive

After a decade long residence in a chimney at heritage listed The Perth Mint, a beehive has been re-homed by...
Image of dead bee on wood for Bee2Bee Beekeeping Supplies The Buzz blog post Imagining a World Without Bees

Imagining a World Without Bees

With Chinese farmers hand pollinating apple and pear orchids and corporations designing 'robo-bees', are we really that close to a...
dicamba drift herbicide weed killer honey bees

Dicamba: A New Weed Killer Disaster Unfolding in USA for Honey Bees

USA honey bees are facing yet another lethal threat from new "drift-prone" applications of weed killer Dicamba. Beekeepers have linked...
Varroa Mite Honey Bee Fat Body

PhD Candidate’s Honey Bee Research Breakthrough: What are Varroa Mites Really Feeding On?

A University of Maryland PhD candidate realised that a key assumption about Varroa Mite held for almost 50 years could...
Audio Speakers Beehive Removal and Re-home Feature Image

Video: Two Booming Beehives Removed and Re-homed from Audio Speakers

Speaker Beehives: Ian Tackles Another Huge Beehive Removal and Re-home Job. Recently Ian tackled another bemusing, but not all that...
An Apiarist in Training- Learning How to Re-home a Beehive

An Apiarist in Training: Learning How to Re-home a Beehive

Tommy gets some training in re-homing bee swarms and feral beehives. It's been a busy summer for swarm and hive...
Re-homing feral bees. Image Monster Hive Removal North Perth Bee2Bee Beekeeping Supplies

Re-homing Feral Bees into a Beehive with Frames

Re-homing feral bees and their unruly hives into a bee box. Bees make their homes in all sorts of interesting...
Image for post: Bee Education The Most Important Planting to be Done for Our Bees

Bee Education: The Most Important ‘Planting’ to be Done for Our Bees

Beekeepers must spread their love of bees to an often apprehensive public through education and advocacy. Earlier this year The...
How Bee-Friendly is Your Garden, Town or City

How Bee-Friendly is Your Garden, Town or City?

"Bee-friendly gardens" are not just a fad, they've become a necessity. In our ever expanding urban environment, bees are finding...