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How to Install a NUC Beehive to a Full Hive

The best indication that your swarm has been successful is when it's expanded into a full sized colony. From a...

Why Australia Needs to Get Rid of Glyphosate

Recent reports has shown that NZ Manuka honey is contaminated with glyphosate. That means anyone that consumed NZ's Manuka honey...

Which Type of Beehive is the One For You?

Did you know that there are three different types of beehive used around the world? If you are having trouble...

Queen Excluder 101: Should My Beehive Have One?

Many beginners struggle to decide whether to begin beekeeping with a queen excluder installed. This blog post will show you...

8 Simple Steps to Capture a Swarm of Bees

When spring arrives, you’ll see a lot of swarms around. To capture a swarm of bees is one of the...

The Basics of Splitting a Beehive

Once spring arrives, you’ll see your beehive boom. There will be a massive increase in population, increase in honey stores...

What To Expect In Your Beehive During Spring

If you would like to start beekeeping, spring is the best time to do so! The beehive becomes the busiest...

Beekeeping Chat with Dwayne and Peter Barr

Last 23rd of June, we had the pleasure to have a beekeeping chat with Peter Barr. He is the host...

Traditional Beekeeping and Honey

Traditional beekeeping has been a practice for years. The native land owners have been harvesting honey from the bush over...

Global Brands Supports Urban Beekeeping

The rise of urban beekeeping has called the attention of many global brands, including IKEA. The global movement “Save the...

Winter Management: Learning About Colony Collapse Disorder (CCD)

There is another threat to the bee populations that we do not know much about. Many countries have shown efforts...

Winter Management: Causes of Winter Failure

Winter for beekeepers is one of the most crucial seasons, it's either you make it or break it for the...

Winter Management: Preparation For the Next Beekeeping Season

Now that you have closed off your beehives, what’s next? It’s time to start the preparation for the next beekeeping...

Things to Remember Before Inspecting Your Beehive

You’ve probably heard of the advice - inspect your beehives regularly to maintain a strong colony. While that is true,...

Your Ultimate Guide to Relocating Beehives

Relocating beehives can be one of the most unenjoyable activities in beekeeping. Most hobbyists don’t need to do this essentially,...

Navigating Through Honey Bee’s Orientation Flights

Most of us have asked this question before: Are my bees swarming? Then we receive an answer from the experts...

Native Flowering Plants to Attract Australian Native Bees

Now that you’ve built a bee hotel, it’s time to think about the native bees’ source of food and attracting...

Hosting an AirBeeNBee: Bee Hotel Guide

Winter season is upon us. The cold front, chilly breeze and wetter days are coming. There will be less foraging...

Flowering Plants to Add to your Garden this Winter

Winter is that season where we all layer up and flowering plants are uncommon. However, you can change that! There...

Autumn Management: Worker Bees Kicking Out the Drones

For a beginner, seeing a lot of evicted or even dead bees outside the hives is startling. We’re here to...