Heavy Duty Queen Excluder


This thicker edged heavy duty stainless steel Queen excluders reduce the risk of bending or warping during heavy handling at harvest. Perfect for the commercial scale apiary. Available for both 8 Frame and 10 Frame Langstroth beehives.

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Do you run a high scale apiary? This heavy duty, stainless steel queen excluder is perfectly suited for the commercial apiary operation. Due to its built in thicker edges, it reduces the risk of bents or warping at harvest time no matter how heavily handled. Additionally, its durability makes it cost-effective. Buy it once and use it throughout any beekeeping season.

Available for both 8 Frame and 10 Frame Langstroth beehives.

Features and Benefits

  • Thicker edges provides extra strength
  • Won’t break down and fall apart like plastic excluders
  • Use season after season, no matter how heavily handled
  • Durable and robust

Additional information

Weight1.04 kg
Dimensions50.5 × 30.5 × 0.6 cm

10 Frame, 8 Frame


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