Plastic Foundation for Full Depth Beehive Frames


Plastic foundations are long lasting and make extraction a breeze. Never deal with broken wax sheets in your honey again. Apply a thin coat of wax before placing frames in hive to get your bees started.

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Our plastic bee hive foundations are a lightweight and durable option for your beehive frames. Add a light coating of wax to start your bees and these will offer long life performance for your beehives.

Avoid the bitter disappointment and frustration of a broken wax foundation. There’s nothing worse after a full capping process by your hardworking bees!

Features and Benefits

  • Low-maintenance
  • Long-lasting and durable
  • Cost-effective, particularly with the rising cost of beeswax
  • Avoid broken wax foundation fragments in your honey when extracting
  • Available waxed or unwaxed
  • Available in any quantity. Boxes contain 200.

Waxing plastic foundations: All you need is a paint roller and something to melt the wax in with temperature control. We find an old-fashioned electric fry pan a good option if working on a small scale. Or, you can purchase them from us pre-waxed.

Note for the traditionalists: Full wax foundations will be available in the near future! For the DIY crew: Wax press for harvesting – plus wire, wired frames and our new deluxe wire-embedder – already available in our online beekeeping store.

Additional information

Weight.159 kg
Dimensions42.5 × 22 × 0.2 cm
Waxed/Not Waxed

Not Waxed, Waxed


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