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When is it Time to Add a Brood Box?

Brood box? Super? These are some of the basic terms in beekeeping that you need to know. For beginners, acquiring...

Why Spring is the Best Time to Start Beekeeping

One of the most common questions we get asked from beginners is: “when is the best time to start beekeeping?”...

How to Install a NUC Beehive to a Full Hive

The best indication that your swarm has been successful is when it's expanded into a full sized colony. From a...

Which Type of Beehive is the One For You?

Did you know that there are three different types of beehive used around the world? If you are having trouble...

Queen Excluder 101: Should My Beehive Have One?

Many beginners struggle to decide whether to begin beekeeping with a queen excluder installed. This blog post will show you...

The Basics of Splitting a Beehive

Once spring arrives, you’ll see your beehive boom. There will be a massive increase in population, increase in honey stores...

Things to Remember Before Inspecting Your Beehive

You’ve probably heard of the advice - inspect your beehives regularly to maintain a strong colony. While that is true,...

Your Ultimate Guide to Relocating Beehives

Relocating beehives can be one of the most unenjoyable activities in beekeeping. Most hobbyists don’t need to do this essentially,...

Navigating Through Honey Bee’s Orientation Flights

Most of us have asked this question before: Are my bees swarming? Then we receive an answer from the experts...

Autumn Management: Worker Bees Kicking Out the Drones

For a beginner, seeing a lot of evicted or even dead bees outside the hives is startling. We’re here to...

Autumn Management: What to do with Burr Comb

While cleaning out the burr comb is not only for autumn management, it’s actually a regular to-do list for every...

Autumn Management: Downsizing the Beehive

Autumn is almost here and it is time to make some changes. Before harvesting any honey this time of the...

Bee Thieves! Things to Do in the Event of Robbing

In the season of nectar scarcity and drought, you may experience your hive being robbed by other honey bees. To...

Spring Beekeeping: Signs a Hive is Going to Swarm

What are the Signs a Hive is Going to Swarm? As Perfect Bee notes, a bee swarm is often viewed...
spring management all about bee swarms beekeeping australia

Spring Beekeeping: All About Bee Swarms

It's Swarm Season! It’s a common sight all across Australia as soon as sunny spring weather hits - bee swarms....
keeping bees beekeeping beginners start here

Beekeeping for Beginners: Start Here Before Keeping Bees

It’s spring, and you or someone you know may be thinking about keeping bees for the first time. And with...
Beehive Smokers and Honey Bees

All About Beehive Smokers and Honey Bees

Answers to common questions about using beehive smokers with honey bees. Why do beekeepers smoke bees? Beekeepers have always used...
beginner beekeeping training support

Beekeeping for Beginners: Where do You Get Training and Support?

Where can the beginner beekeeper get the skills training they need? Just getting started in beekeeping and don’t know where...
Beginner Beekeeping What does it take to be a beekeeper

Beekeeping for Beginners: What Does it Take to be a Beekeeper?

Want to be a beekeeper? Learn about the needs and responsibility of a-well managed beehive first. Yesterday we addressed the...
Image for blog post on Legal Requirements for Beekeeping Bee2Bee Beekeeping Supplies Australia 2019

Beekeeping for Beginners: What are the Legal Requirements for Beekeeping in Your Area?

Do you know the legal requirements for beekeeping in your area?   Thinking about getting a backyard/recreational beehive? One thing is...