Unassembled Beehive Kit


Perfect for the DIY master. Assemble your own beehive with this unassembled kit. Quick and easy to build with ready-to-install parts made from hardy New Zealand Pine. Choose from 8 frame or 10 frame size.



Engraved with Rego up to, 2 X 4 letters on side on each box 16 Alpha Numeric combination in total

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The unassembled, full depth beehive kit is made from hardy, slow growing New Zealand Pine. This beehive kit includes galvanized metal lid, 2 full depth boxes and base with dovetail joints to make it hardy and durable. Frames are purchased separately. Lids are pre-installed with 4 ventilation holes with a stainless steel mesh.

Save more money and build your hive yourself. This flatpack is perfect for those who like to get hands on deck! Choose from 8 Frame or 10 Frame size.

Features and Benefits

  • Save on the cost of your hive by opting to assemble yourself (some basic carpentry skills required)
  • Made from hardy New Zealand pine with a galvanised metal lid
  • Dovetail joint design makes our hives particularly strong in construction.
  • Includes 4 ventilation holes in lid, screened with stainless steel mesh

Additional information

Weight 10.75 kg
Dimensions 50.5 × 40.5 × 20 cm

10 Frame, 8 Frame


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