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What is Bee Bread you ask?

EXPLORING THE NUTRITIONAL ALCHEMY OF BEE BREAD Ever curious about bee bread? Though the name might suggest a connection to...
Varroa Mite Honey Bee Fat Body

How to manage Varroa

Where to get the best information on the identification and management of Varroa mite The situation is fast evolving and...

Do Native Stingless Bees Swarm?

Does the swarm season apply to all bees? Much like the European honey bees, native stingless bees swarm for a...

Alternative Methods in Weed Management

Weed management is a tough job especially for the agriculture sector. It is complex, controversial and an expensive problem in...

Traditional Beekeeping and Honey

Traditional beekeeping has been a practice for years. The native land owners have been harvesting honey from the bush over...
image for post on intensive beekeeping

British Research Shows Intensive Beekeeping Doesn’t Increase Disease

A new study in the U.K has looked at the effect that intensive beekeeping practices has on disease rates in...
wonder of the waggle dance

Video: The Wonder of the Waggle Dance

A peek at the wondrous Waggle Dance, as narrated by the inimitable David Attenborough. If you were switched on the...
Honey Bee Intelligence Part 2 Can bees do math

Honey Bee Intelligence Part 2: Can Honey Bees Do Math?

RMIT researchers believe that their study shows honey bees can do basic math. Did these bees really perform addition and...
Honey Bee Intelligence Bee Brains Part 1

Honey Bee Intelligence Part 1: The Research Buzz around Bee Brains.

Fascinating research into honey bee intelligence is capturing the imaginations of bee lovers. It’s no surprise to see that the...
dicamba drift herbicide weed killer honey bees

Dicamba: A New Weed Killer Disaster Unfolding in USA for Honey Bees

USA honey bees are facing yet another lethal threat from new "drift-prone" applications of weed killer Dicamba. Beekeepers have linked...
Varroa Mite Honey Bee Fat Body

PhD Candidate’s Honey Bee Research Breakthrough: What are Varroa Mites Really Feeding On?

A University of Maryland PhD candidate realised that a key assumption about Varroa Mite held for almost 50 years could...
Image for blog post University of Western Australia Honey bee research

University of Western Australia Leads the Honey Bee Research Charge

Do you know about the extensive honey bee research program underway at the University of Western Australia? You should! In...
Monster Beehive North Perth Bee2Bee Beekeeping Supplies Feral Bees Aggressive Honey Bees

The Truth About Aggressive Honey Bees

Aggressive honey bees are often feared. But beekeepers successfully keep such bees all over the world, and there are benefits....
Blog post: European Honey Bee Sub-Species in Australia

European Honey Bee Sub-Species in Australia.

Several European honey bee sub-species have been buzzing about Australia since the 1800s. Many environmental factors always influence the temperament...
AgriFutures Honey Bee & Pollination Program

Research: AgriFutures™ Honey Bee & Pollination Program

Exciting Australian research from AgriFutures™ Honey Bee & Pollination Program. In their extensive media release at the end of 2018,...
Image for post: National Geographic's Mesmerizing Time Lapse Footage of Emerging Honeybees

The Secret Life of Bees – National Geographic’s Mesmerizing Time Lapse Footage of Emerging Honeybees

Something special for the mid-week hump. National Geographic's Mesmerizing Time Lapse Footage of Emerging Honeybees. Our Queens are at their...
CSRIO Leads Honeybee Health Research with High-Tech Bee Backpacks

CSRIO Leads Honeybee Health Research with Smart Sensor Bee Backpacks

CSRIO leads Global Initiative for Honeybee Health (GIHH) research program using smart sensor bee backpacks. Last week we heard about an...
Listening to Bees. Sound Artists Loving Life With Honeybees. Photo by Massimiliano Latella on Unsplash

Listening to Bees: Permaculture Educators Milkwood Turn to Sound Art

Australian permaculture educators Milkwood have turned to sound art in Listening to Bees. We know bees are fascinating creatures, and they...
Bee2Bee Beekeeping Supplies The Buzz. honeybees neonicotinoids 2017 study. Photo by OC Gonzalez on Unsplash

Largest Field Study on Niconicotinoids Showed Mixed Results for Honeybees

In 2017 the largest in-the-field study on nionicotinoids and bees was undertaken. "Puzzling" results were reported for honeybees.  Yesterday we...
bumblebee brooding habits neonicotinoids neonics bee health research

Nionicotinoids Study Shows Worrying Effect on Bumblebee Brooding

Research shows low level exposure to neonicotinoid insecticide reduces bumblebee brooding activity. But the jury is still out on "neurobiologically...