Video: Our latest “monster beehive” removal

Some very busy bees came with our latest beehive removal in Perth.

Yesterday we returned to North Perth to remove and re-home an impressive, “monster beehive” from a eucalyptus tree. Re-homed in one of Bee2Bee Beekeeping Supplies NZ pine hives, they’ll travel to our Albany apiary. Take a look at the amount of pollen that these ladies are carrying around!

Ever wondered how exactly honeybees can collect the pollen in such neat little balls? According to The Honeybee Conservancy, worker bees have what is called a ‘pollen basket,’ also known as a corbicula. This region on the hind legs consists of hairs surrounding a concave region. After the bee visits a flower, she grooms herself and brushes pollen from her body downwards and packs the pollen into her pollen basket. A little nectar mixed with the pollen keeps it all together, and the hairs hold it in place.

Hard workers that’s for sure! They’ll be very welcome in our apiary this summer.

To make an enquiry about beehive removal in Perth send us an email at or call Ian on 0437902749 to discuss. 



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