Product Safety Recall


Dear valued Client,   March 2022 

 Smoker recall purchased from Bee2bee Instructions 

Please see Safety recall notice. 


Thank you in advance for your response.  Asbestos is classified as a Class 9 Hazardous product, which means it cannot be sent in the post.  As such, after you immediately stop using the product, please take the Bee Smoker to the nearest waste facility that accepts asbestos (see here for your nearest disposal site.  Please contact your disposal site prior to disposal as some facilities will only accept and handle asbestos waste at certain times, in order to maximise landfill efficiency and minimise health risks. Most facilities also have procedures (for example, asbestos waste wrapping requirements) that people disposing will need to follow carefully, to ensure asbestos waste is accepted by the facility.

Please ensure that prior to moving the Bee Smoker, you seal it in an asbestos transporting bag, a thick plastic bag or wrapped in heavy duty plastic that is sealed and where the seal cannot be broken. If you do not have an asbestos disposal bag, I can post one to you.

When you take the Bee Smoker to a waste facility, please retain the invoice and we will refund you for the Bee Smoker and its disposal at the same time. 

Please note that you may elect to have this refund transferred to the bank account that you made the initial purchase from, or to have it redeemed as Bee2Bee store credit instead.  If you elect to have it as store credit, we will give you a bonus 20% of the total sum to utilise at our store. 

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact our friendly Bee2Bee staff who will be happy to assist you.


Kind regards


0437 902 749