Move over Manuka: Jarrah and Marri is the new Medicinal Honey buzz

Western Australia has something special up its sleeve when it comes to medicinal honey

Manuka honey has been in the news for years now, due to its wound care and other medicinal benefits. These benefits have been gaining even more traction the wake of antibiotic-resistant superbugs. Crucially, as the ABC reports, there are no reported cases of bacteria developing resistance to honey.
Australia actually has more than 80 species of native manuka (Leptospermum). It’s known here as Tea Tree, producing honey with similar properties to the New Zealand variety. But there is significant debate over who gets to use the term “manuka”. New Zealand would like to retain exclusive rights to use the term.
Regardless of the dispute over manuka, we have something else up our sleeve here in Western Australia. Local Jarrah and Marri honey has increasing interest, and even the UK tabloids are starting to catch on! 
The ABC reports that farm gate prices have increased tenfold in the last decade. The strongest “medi-honeys” are now selling for as much as $100 a kilogram in China. This is being driven by its potent medicinal properties. Independent New Zealand testing in 2016 found that Jarrah and Marri honey has stronger antimicrobial properties than manuka!
Sounds like a great time to be making honey in WA!


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