Beehive Removal and Relocation from Way Up High. One for the Birds!

Bee2Bee Beehive Removal Reclaims a Local Bird Nesting Box.

Usually we’re very busy in our warehouse, but occasionally Bee2Bee performs beehive removal and relocation too. Recently we had a request for beehive removal from a big old tree in a suburban Perth backyard. We can remove swarms from all sorts of sites, but this one was a bit special. This swarm made its home a good seven metres in the air. Not only that, it had taken over a precious nesting site for local native birdlife.

This is not uncommon for ‘feral’ European Honeybees, that is – those who have escaped or moved on from managed hives. According to The Western Australian Museum, feral bees have “become an increasing threat to our native hollow-dwelling fauna, particularly black cockatoos, through competition for suitable hollows, and possibly also competition for nectar”. In this case, the bees had taken over a nesting box installed by a conscientious bird lover.

Bee2Bee swooped in on this beehive to safely remove and re-home the swarm.  After cutting out the branch and lowering it to the ground we got to have a closer look at the hive, and what a hive it was! We took some video and a few pics before the clean out began, showing some gorgeous, sculptural honey-comb formations.

Need to free up a nesting hole for your local birds? You can alway have the swarm moved into your own backyard beehive and keep all of your backyard visitors happy! Check out our kits and supplies here.