Unassembled Full Depth Beehive Frame


Full depth New Zealand pine frame, unassembled. Great for the DIY-handy person with time on their hands, or the large commercial operator wanting to manage his own put-through for frame production.


Bee hive frames that come unassembled for the DIY beekeeper or the large commercial operator managing his own frame production.

Packed in boxes of 100 or sold individually. Ready for assembly.

Assembled frames also available. Not suitable for wire foundation. Wired frames available in our here.

Features and Benefits

  • Full depth beehive frame for plastic foundation
  • Made from hardy, slow growing New Zealand pine
  • Cost effective option for the DIY beekeeper
  • More compact way to store frames in bulk until needed

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Additional information

Weight.62 kg
Dimensions48 × 40 × 6 cm


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