Food Booster Combo Pack

A combo of the WA Irradiated Pollen, Feedbee and the Ceracell Blue Top Feeder to prepare your bees for the upcoming winter.

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Enjoy the benefits of the pollen combo that your bees will surely love.

Complete with natural pollen and a pollen supplement, your bees will never go hungry with this pack. This pack is perfect for supplementing your bees diet just before winter to ensure their survival. This bee food combo will save your bees from the starvation, especially if they lack the pollen and honey stores needed to feed the entire colony.

Features and Benefits:

  • Irradiated to eliminate pathogens and spread diseases
  • Ensured to contain a wide nutrient profile
  • Simple and easy to use with the Blue Top Feeder

For more information on individual products included in the pack, find out here:

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