How do I start beekeeping?

For many people, beekeeping can become a wonderful hobby and a lifelong interest. Getting started in beekeeping, especially if you are located in an urban location can be difficult if you don’t have the right information. At Bee2Bee we provide beekeeping beginners with start up kits and also provide you with useful information and contacts to help you on your journey into the wonderful world of beekeeping.

How hard is it to assemble the flat pack beehive?

If you have some basic woodwork skills it will be quite straightforward. It’s important that you pre-drill the timber to avoid splitting with the supplied drill bit and associated screws. Our team are always available to answer any queries you have about assembling your beehive.

Do I need to register my beehives?

Yes you do. By law all beekeepers are required to register their beehives, which helps to protect the industry with pest control and managing diseases. In Australia, beekeeping is legislated by each state government so please refer to the relevant legislation for your location.

Can I keep a beehive in my backyard?

Yes you can, however it is worthwhile checking with your local council to see if they have any specific rules or regulations regarding keeping a beehives on your property.

Is it safe to keep bees?

Absolutely, they are fantastic insects. All beekeepers get stung once in a while, however with the right equipment and handling skills bee stings should be few and far between.

Why should I coat the plastic foundation with wax if it’s already in the correct shape?

It provides a good head start for the bees, to start drawing out the wax honeycomb and to start filling it up with your honey more quickly.